Patek Philippe Ladies’ Complicated Watch

Patek Philippe PATEK PHILIPPE, began in Swiss Replica Watches Online Store Cheap Discount Sale 1839 is a famous Swiss watch brands, each block table, the average retail price of 13,000 to 20,000 U.S. dollars. Patek Philippe in the watch technology has been in a leading position in a number of patents, the watches are in the original use of handcrafted, adhere to quality, beautiful, reliable tradition of excellence, Patek Philippe, with its strong quality awareness, superb technology, a steady stream of innovation create a universally respected watch brands.

In Patek Philippe, Ladies’ Complicated watches has become a tradition worthy of respect. Long ago, Patek Philippe launched with timekeeping function on all kinds of women’s timepieces, soft beep can be quoted time, called a unique music features. Recently, female consumers for sophisticated mechanical watches are becoming more interested, especially with a moon phase display, second time zone, and other complex functions calendar ladies watch. Now, with the advent of the 21st century, Patek Philippe launched the first women’s super-complicated watches: Ref. 7059, Slim Ladies First two seconds after needle single gold button chronograph watch.

Strong global demand for chronograph quickly turned to women watch market segments. To this end Patek Philippe launched in 2009 Ref. 7071R “Ladies First Chronograph”: it is given in the same chronograph movement male models released before the priority. Elegant and charming, magnificent double-seconds chronograph ladies watch which opened a new chapter. Due to its mechanical function complex, among the super-complicated watches of the column. Controlled by a column wheel female double second chronograph Patek Philippe is destined to a bold attempt: after all, Which watch a CH R 27-525 PS caliber and the world’s thinnest column wheel two seconds after needle timing device. Caliber had revealed its dimensions: diameter 27.3 mm, thickness 5.25 mm. The compact form factor of the movement implant case slender women wear in extremely soft wrist. Elegant rose gold watch set with 226 diamonds shell, plus dial the following precision mechanical devices, enough to impress every woman.

Set in a rose gold and diamonds, irresistible charm, this super rare complication ladies watch case will be classic design, traditional art, female elegance and charm into one truth. Ref. 7059 Ladies First dual-seconds chronograph watch with a unique generals style case, with a vertical strap lugs and screw bolt reflects classic, traditional side. 18K (4N) rose gold soft, romantic color and bezel inlaid 153 flawless Top Wesselton diamonds (approximately 0.72 kt), the more the other side of the watch femininity. To fully appreciate two rows dazzling diamonds, there is reason to believe that the jewelry division so superb artistry – screening, layout, and mosaic – will make it one step further complexity. This watch’s white matte dial also shows the hidden mechanical movement also belong to the “extraordinary means.” Breguet numbers, and all hands, including the chronograph hand and chronograph hands are in 18K rose gold material. Minute, small seconds and 60-minute timer ticks are transferring rose gold. Dial decorated with exquisite appearance watches Cheap swiss replica watches Online Store for sale discount complex manufacturing techniques complement each other. Grooves through cozy single gold crown on the button, and start slender chronograph timing pointers and pointer, press 2 o’clock button to stop the chronograph pointer, press the button again to advance rapidly chronographs pointer to Timing pointer position, the last two pointer to zero then, watch super complex function at a glance. This curtain delicate timing mechanical ballet will win every woman’s heart.

Audemars Piguet interpretation of the essence of time

Audemars Piguet logo AP, is to take the founders Jules-Louis Audemars and Edward-Auguste Piguet surname first two Swiss Replica Watches Online Store Cheap Discount Sale letters “A” and “P” components. Audemars Piguet founder has been obsessed with the art of watchmaking, focusing on the development of ultra-thin mechanical parts, create a sophisticated mechanical watch , the award-winning.

While being classic pop culture lovers and watch collectors beloved, Audemars Piguet has been going through the traditional watchmaking and pilot horology between good route. Someone might say: Audemars Piguet Swiss watchmaking industry, “Janus.” The brand representative uses its amazing Royal Oak Offshore (Royal Oak Offshore), to highlight its surface; minimalist jules audemars series each one is fine.

In fact, this Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars chosen as miniaturization, do not see a particular luxury and complex. There are ultra-thin for the characteristics calibre 2120, also has three variations of the automatic watch, as well as the month view calendar watch, triple and dual time watch and ladies small stopwatch variations, but these tables are not calendar. In the Audemars Piguet brand released this 5 major products, without a diameter of more than 41mm; Clearly, this indicates that the Audemars Piguet brand series of significant limitations. This is the Audemars Piguet are keen to remind the observer: it is the closest to its roots series. Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars series of brands will use this extension is called its basis review, and it certainly opens up an important milestone.

In the 2011 Salon International Haute Horlogerie, Audemars Piguet display of traditional and avant-garde can coexist. Jules Audemars series with no less than five new table has been a huge concern, some of them also carried out changes. Obviously, the brand Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars used as a stage, the seriousness and solemnity completely traditional combination, for example: the most difficult and complicated watchmaking masterpiece – to quote both the “hour”, “carved”, “minute “The three asked the table (Minute reapeater).

Of course, only a few of the Royal Oak Offshore watches can be seen to daze. Proponents of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore watches completely advocate Arnold – Schwarzenegger, this watch to Royal Oak Offshore series, highlighting the former governor’s top moments of each element. Still dissatisfied customers, this series there are three new precision stopwatch, each one has different characteristics of the case material. From ceramics and titanium to titanium rose gold and stainless steel and ceramic, the Royal Oak Offshore watches are still rock-competent.

Seek “large and complex” people need to leave the pure tradition of the past and into the 21st century. For those who love the watch, the Royal Oak Offshore Tourbillon watch more attractive. Audemars Piguet recommendations should be close to watch the table, until the watch flipped movement enviable beauty. Obviously, the watch is a rotating mechanism pottery Babylon and timing features automatic mechanical products, but this is not a legend. For its movement, just one can clearly this is still Best replica watches Rolex Replica Watches On sale a very traditional one watch, even though it has a very modern cabinet. caliber 2897 finishing excellence, with full built-in mirror-polished by hand movements and chamfers. This watch is a start, because there are pearl processing, pellets, and miscellaneous other unique finishing work. Familiar shapes and styles of old pocket watch movement collectors can see, caliber 2897 is a tribute to old-fashioned pocket watch movement.

Audemars Piguet watchmaking make 2011 the millennium shock watches, it is the Audemars Piguet brand wants compromise between the traditional and the trend appears when series. There are two well-known new products, one of which is an excellent three asked the table, it is beyond the Jules Audemars watch series of the same type; caliber 2910 movement with a new pride, with a unique Audemars Piguet wheel. Finally, the 2011 Audemars Piguet exhibition to Millennium Series 4101 came to an end. It is a simple chronograph, the Jules Audemars series with similar watches in stark contrast. Audemars Piguet brand, said the watch movement is superior to other watches, this is indeed the case. However, it is not a hollow structure; but was able to highlight their special characteristics to the construction of the best alternative.

Athens GMT ± Perpetual Calendar

Athens UIysse Nardin precision clocks to Swiss Replica Watches Online Store Cheap Discount Sale the originators of its name, showing the extraordinary high-quality technology, has been 150 years of history. Each one Ulysse Nardin manufacture, are adhering to the quality and mechanical innovation and tradition. Its consistent excellence in quality, just in the obtained eighteen international gold medal, and four thousand three hundred excellent chronometer champion awards and coves. Ulysse Nardin GMT ± two time series of watches , the biggest feature is its fast on both sides of the table side buttons to adjust the time to the starting point of human intelligent features designed for the Athens GMT ± Dual Time watch win “Perfect time performers’ praise.

Touch can be at your fingertips and within a radius in the table about the confusion between the side, find the time to convert the grounds. Without removing the watch , simply tap on the left (ten o’clock) of the (+) button, you can easily move forward one hour, tap the right side (eight o’clock) of the (-) button, then that is backwards one hour, minute operation unaffected. Fast conversion time depends only on the touch of a finger, between the left and right, all over the world to master the original in the Coast to Coast. Patent “with the level of large date display window”, but also full of smart ideas Ulysse Nardin will play in the people-oriented concept. Tuning knob to quickly adjust the time when local time, large date display window will be across the country with the date line and automatically adjust the display date.

GMT ± Dual Time watch in terms of the degree of innovation and practical degree two pointers point of view, perhaps the most extreme popularity index Ulysse Nardin classic style. Stainless steel material Cheap swiss replica watches Online Store for sale discount for large trapezoidal time pointer with smoky gray checkerboard surface, mutual hardcore restrained style ride after another, while jumping in the twelve o’clock and six o’clock Arabic numerals carved body, then reconcile the total of Goju economy GMT ± Dual Time watch. GMT ± Dual Time watch, waterproof 100 meters, screw-in crown, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, 18K rose gold and stainless steel two kinds of materials, including stainless steel with crocodile leather strap and belt two options.

Athens launched GMT ± Perpetual Calendar watch, the Athens two unique and proprietary features rolled into one; 2001 launched a new Freak watch, a no, the minute hand, face plate, the crown of the 7th flywheel energy storage watch. 2002 launch of Genghis Khan table – first only Westminster Carillon Tourbillon Dapeng four hammer three repeater table; 2003 launched the first binding asked the table to play spring, dual time, countdown SONATA ring form and access to international creativity and technology awards.

Vacheron Constantin boutique Wynn Macau

Vacheron Constantin was founded Cheap swiss replica watches uk store Discount Sale in 1755, is the world’s oldest watch manufacturer, is one of world’s most famous watch factory. Heritage of the Swiss watchmaking tradition essence, never stopped, but also a lot of watchmaking innovation and technology, the watch industry has been immense.

Vacheron Constantin boutique located in Wynn Macau, design style, grace and elegance, in the full interpretation of the brand’s style, while creatively blends modern elements dissolved in tradition, with architectural interpretation of Vacheron Constantin to excellence and aesthetic Su requirements and with meticulous elegance color compose the atmosphere warm and serenity. Exquisite timepieces on display in an elegant display cabinet for watch enthusiasts and collectors to create a friendly and comfortable watch appreciation space.

As to superior technology, craftsmanship and perfect processes and prestigious watchmaking pioneer not only the pursuit of Vacheron Constantin watchmaking skills, more loyal to the importance and historical heritage brand has always been the spirit of excellence. Vacheron Best replica watches Rolex Replica Watches On sale Constantin Asia Pacific Managing Director Julien Tornare said: “We are very pleased to watch enthusiasts announced Vacheron Constantin family and the birth of a new member each store not only the continuation of Vacheron Constantin since 1755 was established over 250 years of brand essence, but also reflects the brand for adventure, innovation and dedication to excellence. More witnessed Vacheron remarkable success in the world.

Cartier multiple time zone watch, a good traveling companion

Richemont (Richemont-Gruppe) acquired a Swiss Replica Watches Online Store Cheap Discount Sale unique HAOJUE Geneva (Roger Dubuis) watch factory, Cartier watch the further development of a plan to win. Secondly Cartier Yarra Chaux R & D team got heavily subsidized, then they will come up with a decent score.

Tortue time zones watch combines simple lines, 51 x 45.6 mm rose K gold or white K gold or diamond inlaid turtle case, in order to highlight the complexity inherent low-key appearance, called a grand atmospheric watch masterpiece. Its smooth lines and a lot of Cartier some memorable iconic elements, such as the exquisite decor solicitation for travel, if not watch connoisseurs, but also from a distance a discovery While this timepiece is designed for global Travelers and make. In order to avoid the general time zones display watch engraved with the name of the complex in different cities turntable, Cartier watchmakers workshop is presented in the name of the city selection dial periphery, through time zones Tortue watch the shoulder side of the window tables for display. Exquisite disk also very readable, multi-level carving dial, as well as the central dial with blue paint crafted partial map of the world.

For a long time zone watch Cartier (Cartier) in 2013 Geneva Watch Fair also brought us no small surprise, with unique design and legible time display, Tortue watch time zones can be extremely simple to provide a lot of time information, so many globetrotters put it down. For them, the most important include both easy to read the time, and can know the time of departure, at the same time, without going through complicated operations. Official Model: W1580049 (rose gold) This timepiece not only with UTC function – now a popular term used to define with independent adjustable dual time zone display function of the watch, also often referred to as a GMT function. Tortue time zones watch more than this since its inception in 1953, will be a popular feature, and thus become the “World Time” watch family one.

In fact, just from the point of view of the dial decorated with white plating guilloché dial, silver openwork grilles with sun pattern radiation effects, with black transferred Roman numerals, these are our familiar Cartier elements. Blue Ocean transfer patterns, ornamentation under the sun rays and also with blue dial transfer patterns, with apple-shaped black oxidized steel and rhodium-plated steel division circadian pointer pointers, which are the perfect presents this wrist artwork endless charm. In order to avoid any complex thinking, watch wearer local time to read through the main pointer display, and the time of departure in the center of the dial below the semicircular window, with the sun and moon signs through the day / night indicator display. This ingenious device and two o’clock position of the button is connected to a 24-hour display 24 time zones corresponding to the representative of cities.

Bottom of the table with sapphire crystal case back, a best view of the beauty of movement. Cartier watch equipped with 9914 MC automatic winding movement with a diameter of 25.58 mm and a thickness of 7.18 mm, 27 jewels, shock frequency of 28,800, while providing 48 hours of power reserve. While also carefully watch with a black crocodile leather strap and a case of the same material with folding clasp. Admittedly, this Cheap swiss replica watches Online Store for sale discount Cartier Tortue watch time zones does this demand in a simple and practical to achieve a very big breakthrough, at the same time last year, this watch also follows the launch of the Calibre de Cartier multiple time zone watch design concept: Consider different countries to adjust the daylight saving time, daylight saving time in effect in seven months using another reference scale display to ensure the accuracy of the time zone. Whether all things considered this would be a landmark timepiece.

Rolex Datejust watches resolution

Datejust was born in 1945, is the first Swiss Replica Watches Online Store Cheap Discount Sale in a calendar display window surface watches . Years later, the watch crystal surface creation scuttle convex (Cyclops eye) show has since become Rolex generation symbol. Series are outstanding additions to shape 41 mm Datejust II, the classic to the extreme. Special presentation: Datejust II Rolesor gold steel styles, Rolex representative style, unique in that it is made of stainless steel 904L with 18 ct gold costume from each other.

Has a new design of this Rolex watch is not only sophisticated and elegant, is the first time with a bezel set with diamonds. 36 mm of the case circled wind falling cherry blossoms are in full bloom the beautiful moments. Women flavor design, but also that it can accompany the ladies at different occasions, or enjoy a variety of lifestyles: or elegant, or sports, or leisure.

Reproduction of European classical palace scene of the film after another, complicated hair ornaments, heavy jewelry, white lace, elegant flying Qunjiao, has become a first-class modern stimulating aphrodisiac. Luxurious palace eclectic decor captured the hearts of all beings, fans who naturally did not miss them every opportunity to wear, as imperial Best replica watches Rolex Replica Watches On sale style watches. The most suitable with this style than with gold and brown tones of the dress, only then open wide color space to be able to make the female form of luxury pattern adequately demonstrated. Bright colors and decorated with a variety of gemstones female form is promising you the function dressed in dresses radiance.

Lange Tourbillon white gold watch

Lange watch is very precise German mechanical Swiss Replica Watches Online Store Cheap Discount Sale watch brand, its main features are: unparalleled superb technology and high standards of the perfect hand. Rare non-Swiss watch brand, it is typical of the eastern German products, German models embody the spirit of the watch , this watch in value Lange proved diameters.

On March 17, 2013 in Geneva, Antiquorum “famous collection of modern and vintage timepieces’ auction, a highly sought after Lange masterpiece: with rare white yellow gold watch case and blue dial combination The Tourbillon “Pour le Mérite” watch with 275,710 euro changed hands. While this charming watch is 1994 200 limited edition watch one of them. Among 50 with platinum case, 130 with 18K yellow gold case; Only 19 watch with a white gold case.

While high prices hit a complicated watch in addition to the highest valuation beyond the original 225,000 euros, but more than the original retail price is four times the price sold. Watch collectors from around the world are expressing interest on While this masterpiece. This deal is a white gold version Lange Tourbillon “Pour le Mérite” watch hit a record high. At auction, Tourbillon “Pour le Mérite” watch is one of the most popular works of Lange. Excellent product phase often watch the original retail price 3-5 times the price sold.

Sesame chain drive system with unique Cheap swiss replica watches Online Store for sale discount Tourbillon “Pour le Mérite” watch is distinguished Saxon watchmaking factory Lange’s finest creations. Lange pioneered in 1994 to be able to compensate for the loss of winding torque sesame chain drive system mounted on the watch, the more accurate the ultimate combination of one-minute tourbillon, the manufacture of complex timepieces regain Lange watch factory traditional leader. Tourbillon “Pour le Mérite” watch sesame chain drive system for the watch provides a constant power output.

Lange This watch has been in the auction the price is so high concern proved Lange watchmaking artistry by the majority of collectors welcome, but also proved that the non-Swiss brand watches brand also has an extraordinary innovation ability, and artistic sense!

Leida Hao Star Series break tabulation limit

RADO, Switzerland radar watch is the Swiss Replica Watches Online Store Cheap Discount Sale most important Swiss watch manufacturers. Exquisitely delicate, flexible joints tight, rounded corners without corner, plating uniformly bright. Surface and the back of the clear text. 2013, the world’s limited edition 1957′s Golden Horse new issue, on the one hand recalled brand building of the year, while the same year launched Rado Horse commemorative watch , in order to Rado watchmaking classic and modern tribute.

Materials technology and design innovation has always been a brand Rado adhere DNA, the Opteron series breaking material and tabulation limits, the adoption of new technology, “Injection Mold Law”, will combine high-tech ceramic metal material, not only to maintain easy to wear, corrosion-resistant properties, appearance on the show in the watch more perfect body integrally molded smooth arc table. Whole series were introduced more than 30 kinds of styles, fully meet the different styles and functions favorite watch lovers, whether dressed in starched suits sports clothing or even popular street style or fashion, will be men and women to be found in the Opteron family situation single bell suitable watch.

In addition to Golden Horse limited form, the Opteron series are also available quartz watch and automatic sweep chronograph functions 30 balance. Watch design with arc halo around Saturn for the concept, playing a charming round bezel frame gesture to highlight the time scale, and timing lap button designs. Black, white, blue and silver dial places succinct exquisite diamond hour markers or embellishment. Strap addition to the classic black and white all-ceramic styles, there are stainless steel with gold or rose gold Ceramos titanium carbide cermet, or that stainless steel chain belt and leather strap, according to those needs with a variety of options available, generous performances wrist fashion.

Topic of this section is full of Golden Horse Rado launched in 1957 classic watches Horse prototype reference design, the use of modern materials and innovative combination Ceramos titanium carbide cermet round case made of stainless steel to create the front cover, side brackets type inlaid design, refining and tables back and other parts with the perfect combination of comfort to the wearer doubled and highly visual impact. Ceramos titanium carbide cermet quality and advantages and Rado pioneered in the 1980s high-tech ceramic of the same nature, reflecting the revolutionary jet casting process: first, through the high pressure 1000 bar for precise shaping of the material, and then 1500 degrees Celsius in a vacuum environment, sintering, and finally re diamond grinding wheel for grinding, shaping a unique white gold. RADO anchor on the dial and dual hippocampus flag has again aroused back half a century ago in the series since the launch of the highly popular waterproof. Each watch were obtained COSC-certified watch case back engraved with an individually numbered, giving each watch unique.

As a pioneer of the altar table material and Best replica watches Rolex Replica Watches On sale design of the Swiss watches Rado, is the world’s first high-tech ceramic Swiss watch brand, ninety percent watches are ceramic material, and the spirit of the brand design innovation for the purpose of Continuing the design of the altar in the table position to shine, and was awarded a Good Design Award Opteron series is Rado Design Achievement of the witness. This series introduced various models available with different occasions, but also for the sweat, the easy to show movement Power power, and the new Golden Horse limited edition watch, it is a classic design and innovative materials combine to create the perfect unique timepieces.

Zenith – in the expedition to find the most true to yourself

May 7, 2013, Zenith ( Zenith ) supersonic party at the Swiss Replica Watches Online Store Cheap Discount Sale Shanghai International Financial Center was held. As the world’s first to enter the Asian Chinese woman in space, and combine International Education Technology Industry Group founder and president of Li Qingqing (JuliaLi) Ladies and outer space edge skydiving hero Felix BaoJia Turner (Felix Baumgartner) as well as successful long-distance running across the Sahara hero Kevin Lin (KevinLin), was invited to attend the event along with the site visitors to share breakthrough self, beyond the limit of the spirit.   From left to right, true force when the global president, Mr. Dufour, outer space hero FelixBaumgartner edge parachuting Mr. chummy Miss Li Qingqing, founder and president of international, long-distance running hero Mr. Lin Yijie   active site, Julia, Felix and Kevin which three have been given “ModernHero “(contemporary heroes) the title of the guests, through a wealth of adventures for everyone to challenge the limits of revealed truth. In particular conversation links, three guests were frankly would fear, but they also proved a real feat of courage is not fear, but to be like Julia said, “the more the more we fear his own face.”                      Miss Li Qingqing space in the active site to share Asia trip experience                           Miss Li Qingqing with Zenith global CEO cordial conversation with   Felix was the first breakthrough in free fall sonic adventurer, constantly jumping from a higher altitude; Kevin continued in a more sinister Environmental distance running, crossing the Sahara desert, full finish the Silk Road. In their respective areas of expertise constantly push the envelope and continue to overcome inner fear. However, for non-professional athletes born Julia, the adventure of her life seems to be a great hobby: Entering Asian space flight experience; hiking through the 40 degree heat of the Namibian desert; to overcome acrophobia skydiving experience in Europe and around ; dark cave retreats in Tibet; primary virtue in arctic snow sled dogs dig through 10 days …… These limits Challenge Tour became Julia continued access to innovative source of inspiration and motivation. Julia is in love with those with exceptionally rich cultural heritage of the country, she has traveled all over Peru, India, Greece, the Middle East and Russia, the journey brought her ideas collide and hearts touched.   Li Qingqing Asian space flight   ventures, extreme adventure travel countries …… Julia in a time of trial and adventure breakthroughs, she shows is courageous exploration of life and fearless pursuit of the dream, but in this period with the public to taste different meaning of life, and continue to the “learner” mentality perception of life, do the most authentic self.   About chummy International   was founded in 2001, chummy International Education Technology Industry Group (HCDGlobal), is committed to corporate culture to address new business challenges and opportunities of the outstanding leadership team, and always adhere to the concept of win-win “UCO get together , win a long grind. ” Chummy international business scope includes: Future Leadership Center, innovative learning tools, and its nonprofit chummy ProCom International Academy (Students commercial quality training camp). Chummy International, through innovative learning concepts and methods, relying on network technology platform to integrate Cheap swiss replica watches Online Store for sale discount modern technology and learning content, so that lifelong learners benefit from experiential learning. Chummy International hopes to become a leader in the field of learning, intense competition in the global era, to help businesses and individuals in a complex market to find the fastest, most effective ways to enhance the experience forever success.

Zenith - in the expedition to find the most true to yourself

Audemars Piguet officially landed its first store in Nanjing Deji Plaza

“Drive to conventional, cast innovation” – has 138 Swiss Replica Watches Online Store Cheap Discount Sale years of history, the world-renowned Swiss made watch brand Audemars Piguet ( Audemars Piguet ), Deji Plaza officially opened in its first store in Nanjing. This marks the famous bell with Audemars Piguet watch retailer Watch Co., Ltd. Ningbo Rising, strategic cooperation in the Chinese market to expand again. Audemars Piguet Chinese mainland and Hong Kong Chief Executive Officer Van Wei (David von Gunten), Mr. Audemars Piguet Miss Li Li, general manager of China, Ningbo Rising Watch Company Limited Mr. Ren Tao, general manager, deputy general manager Mr. Wu Tiemin Deji Plaza, attended the opening ceremony .        Audemars Piguet Chinese mainland and Hong Kong Chief Executive Officer Van Wei (David von Gunten), Mr. Audemars Piguet Miss Li Li, general manager of China, Ningbo Rising Watch Company Limited Mr. Ren Tao, general manager, deputy general manager Mr. Wu Tiemin Deji Plaza, attended the opening ceremony .       Audemars Piguet’s first store is located in Nanjing, Nanjing, known as “China First Circle” reputation xinjiekou Deji Plaza two period, covers an area of 55 square feet, inherited the brand has always been elegant and dignified wind, filling Brand origin of the Swiss Jura valley ((Vallée de Joux) Brad Suzie ( Le Brassus ) natural and quaint town; also reflects the century family watch brand in the design and function “control routine, cast innovative” ideas , high-quality service and other details to perfection pursuit        store displays the famous Audemars Piguet watches six main series: Elegant senior sports watch Royal Oak series (Royal Oak), pioneer of the sport model of the Royal Oak Offshore Series ( Royal Oak Offshore), modern classic Millennium series (Millenary), classical elegant Jules Audemars series, and reflect historical heritage, cultural charm Edward Piguet Series and Classic Series (Tradition), will provide all VIP distinguished Chanticleer experience        the event day, he will love its birthplace – the birthplace of Swiss watchmaking Jurassic valley presented in Nanjing Deji Plaza. site design everywhere contains Audemars Piguet brand spirit and originality, so that guests at Lions Rise Lam, between tradition and modernity blend experience and enjoy the Audemars Piguet “control routine, cast innovation” brand essence.        Nanjing as one of four ancient capitals of China, is an important birthplace of Chinese civilization, but also on the cutting edge of international metropolis. Audemars Piguet China Miss Li Li, general manager, said: “Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu Province Best replica watches Rolex Replica Watches On sale as an important position for all to see, we are very proud to be in the most high-end Audemars Piguet Nanjing Deji Plaza opened stores in here special thanks to Ningbo Rising watches and Nanjing Deji for Audemars Piguet support. believe it stores for Jiangsu watch enthusiasts and collectors to provide an in-depth understanding of Audemars Piguet’s platform. ” Audemars Piguet Nanjing Deji Store Address: No. 18 Zhongshan Road, Nanjing Germany Place two base No. F123 Phone: +86 2586777100

Audemars Piguet officially landed its first store in Nanjing Deji Plaza